About the Program

COTTON INCORPORATED, the research and promotion company supported by U.S. cotton growers and U.S. importers of cotton textile products, provides a full array of technical information and fashion services to influence the use of cotton, particularly of U.S. origin, by the apparel and home fabrics industries in North and South America, Europe, the Far East, and South East Asia. In addition to these value-adding services, Cotton Incorporated works to build consumer demand for cotton products in North America through advertising and promotion backed with a comprehensive agricultural and textile research and development program.

Global Mission

To build demand and profitability of U.S. cotton by providing unique services that help all segments of the textile and apparel chain in delivering products that meet consumer expectations. These services are supported by a strong corporate team of fiber, textile, fashion and marketing specialists devoted to building cotton’s share versus synthetic products and competitive cottons.

Program Activities

Technical Services: Manufacturers and mills, particulary those consuming U.S. cotton, have access to a wide range of technical support services. These include on-site assistance in the areas of fiber processing, weaving and knitting, and dyeing and finishing. Presentations on recent fabric developments are presented during these meetings, at key trade shows and conferences.

Information Services: Regular presentations detailing global cotton production and demand, economic, textile and consumer market trends are made to mills and manufactures. Presentations are also made on U. S. fiber quality emphasizing the industry´s state-of-the-art quality improvement efforts and testing capabilities.

Fashion Services:Cotton Incorporated´s fashion marketing team researches global street wear and retail trends. This information is uses to track color, fabric and silhouette trends 18-22 months ahead of retail selling seasons. Presentations are made to goups and individual companies for both apparel and home furnishings.

The seal of cotton

The Seal of Cotton is a registered service/trademark of Cotton Incorporated. In the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Region, the Seal identifies at retail textile products made of 100% cotton. The Seal is not licensed for use on the consumer level outside of North and Central America, but serves as a mark of corporate identification for Cotton Incorporated worldwide.

Manufacturers in the Caribbean region who use a high percentage of U.S. cotton in their products are eligible to become licensees for use of this powerful cotton identifier. This service is available free of charge and allows qualified marketers to use this valuable trademark on hangtags, labels, packaging, point-of-sale materials and advertising. This program has been in effect since 1973 and currently has more than 800 licensees. The Seal of Cotton is supported by Cotton Incorporated’s extensive consumer television and print advertising efforts and is recognized by 7 out of 10 U.S. consumers.


For fabrics and
end products of 100%
Upland Cotton.

Cotton - Natural Blend

For fabrics and end products that contain at least 60% Upland Cotton. Primarily for
light to midweight flat woven fabrics, double knits and warp knits. Not for use on
heavyweight wovens (e.g.denim,corduroy) single jersey knits (T-shirts), towels.

Cotton - Carpet Blend

For carpets that contain a minimum of 40% Upland Cotton which pass all industry
standards and are 4’x6’ or larger

Cotton - Rug Blend

For rugs that contain a minimum of 40% Upland Cotton which pass all industry
standards and are smaller than 4’x6’.

Cotton - Absorblend

For hygiene products that contain at least 60% Upland Cotton and/or cotton linters
in the absorbent core.

Cotton - Natural Stretch

For products which have stretch characteristics and contain a minimum of 90%
Upland Cotton. Must meet industry standards for stretch and recovery and have a
fabric weight not exceeding 12 oz. per.sq.yd.

If you would like more information, please contact:

Cotton Incorporated, Latin America Office
Mexico, DF – Mexico
Tel: 52-55-56-63-40-20
Fax: 52-55-56-63-4023
Email: Jflores@cottoninc.com
Contact: Jaime Flores, Director Mexico

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